Helsingin Taksi-Data Oy (HTD) is a marketing and order service company owned by 1249 independent taxi drivers in Helsinki and Helsingin Taksiautoilijat ry (taxi drivers' association). The company was established in 1989, and the office is located in Metsälä, Helsinki.

Line of Business

• Provides taxi order services (Helsinki Taxi Centre)
• Provides data and radio services related to taxi order services
• Rents, sells, imports, acts as an agent for, and maintains taxi and radio equipment
• Produces and manages the Taksi Helsinki Cards.
• Sells, rents and acts as an agent for advertising space in taxis

The main activities of the Company are taxi order services, management of Taksi Helsinki Cards and related payment transactions, provision of equipment for taxis, sales and maintenance of taxi equipment, and taxi inspection activities.

The Company is managed by a Board consisting of representatives elected by the taxi drivers who own the Company.

Composition of the Board:

  • Kuusisto Jukka, Chairman
  • Sarvikivi Lassi, Deputy Chairman
  • Niemelä Teemu
  • Pitsinki Juhani
  • Rönnholm Kaj
  • Salminen Kari
  • Simonen Tapio
  • Virtasaari Pekka

The managing Director  Monna Huvilinna.