Taksi Helsinki Loyalty Program

Taksi Helsinki VIP – minimize your waiting time

Your time is valuable - Taksi Helsinki VIP helps you to save it

All Taksi Helsinki application subscribers are automatically connected to our loyalty program, where they can reach VIP level by using Taksi Helsinki app to book their taxi rides. At the VIP level you will have a priority on the orders – even at the peak times.

You will reach VIP level after you have completed ten (10) taxi rides, ordered with Taksi Helsinki application, in 2 months (60 days). Every taxi trip is 10 points and after you have reach 100 points, you will be promoted to VIP level automatically and you don´t need to do anything. Just enjoy the benefits. So every ride will take you to your destination and closer to VIP level.

The VIP level benefits are valid at least for one month at a time.

Loyalty program is automatic, so you don´t need to do anything. Also, this doesn´t obligate you anything and it doesn´t cost you anything.

You can check your status from the application settings in My account view.

Do not have a Taxi Helsinki application yet? Download it from the links below.

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