Ordering a taxi

When you order a taxi through the Helsinki Taxi Centre you can be sure that you get a taxi which is legal, safe and of high quality. The taxi meter is calibrated and sealed, and the fares installed in the meter comply with the relevant Government Decree. The driver of a legal taxi is always a person who has a commercial driving licence issued by the Finnish police authority.

Pick-up address

Please note that the more accurate pick-up address you give the faster you get a taxi. To avoid confusion, always give the name of the city/town. For instance Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa have streets with the same names. Also give other address information if necessary.

Special wishes/needs?

You should mention possible special wishes/needs right at the beginning of the call, for example that you need a minivan, you only need goods transportation, you will have a pet with you, the destination is far away, etc. This allows us to forward the order to a taxi that can meet the wish/need.

Advance booking

If you need a taxi early in the morning or at a specific time, we recommend that you make an advance booking.

The telephone number for advance bookings is 0100 0600. The booking must be made no earlier than two weeks and no later than half an hour before the desired pick-up time. The advance booking charge is 7.10 €.

A taxi has been ordered but it does not arrive

In normal conditions, the taxi arrives within a few minutes. If the taxi does not arrive within a reasonable time, there may be many reasons for it.

  • Weather conditions, traffic jams, closing times of restaurants/night clubs, etc. may delay the order process.
  • The taxi that you have ordered may have been taken by another customer at the same address by mistake.

If the taxi has not arrived within 10 minutes, or the taxi booked in advance does not arrive at the pick-up time, you should immediately contact the Taxi Centre.

Order Number

When you order a taxi, you receive a 1-3 digit order number. You should memorize it or write it down. The order number ensures that you get the taxi that you have ordered.

The order number is the number assigned to a taxi in an automatic order transfer system in which the order is offered to the first available taxi,. It does not refer to the taxi number or the vehicle registration number and it does not guarantee that a taxi will definitely arrive.

Taxi Centre's responsibility for orders

The Taxi Centre is responsible for forwarding the order to a taxi. The taxi driver who has accepted the order is responsible for providing the service to the customer.