Taxi fares

Base fee Price
Weekdays 6 am to 8 pm
Saturdays and eves of holidays 6 am to 4 pm
€ 5.90
Other times € 9.00
Waiting fare € 47.04 per hour

Travel fare


Fare class

Price per km
1 to 2 people Fare 1 € 1.60
3 to 4 people Fare 2 € 1.91
5 to 6 people Fare 3 € 2.07
More than 6 people Fare 4 € 2.23



Pre-order surcharge – when the transportation has been ordered at least 30 minutes before the departure time indicated by the customer

€ 7.10

Goods transport surcharge – for large objects (such as skis, televisions) and for the transportation of pets. No surcharge is levied for a customer's normal baggage or for guide dogs.

€ 2.80

Assistance surcharge – if a customer requires assistance and a vehicle equipped with accessories for the disabled

Assistance surcharge – as above, but assistance in stairs is done manually or with the help of a stair climber

€ 15.70

€ 31.40


Stretcher surcharge – retrieval and installation before transport of stretchers needed for the transportation of a customer

€ 29.20

All prices include VAT 10%.

If a customer requires a vehicle equipped with an appropriate stretcher, fare class 3 is applied.

Small Goods Transport

Transport of small packages or other freight under 100 kg and no passengers is referred to as small goods transport.

Taxis are free to price these types of transport as they consider appropriate. The VAT for small goods transport is 24%.


Premium service

Pre-booking for Premium service costs 10 Euros extra.